Bi, Hung, Fit…. and Married

Marco has a problem. He has a wife, two kids and a dire need for a man’s penis.

Just like any other marriage, Marco’s own needed some work. He has been married for 15 years to his wife Gabrielle. The sexual, romantic spark has fizzled and it is taking its toll in their relationship. To make matters worse, Marco is looking for something that Gabrielle could never offer.

Brushing away feelings of guilt and contempt, Marco turns to gay online hookup sites to fulfill his needs.  One romp after another, Marco starts leading a double life, loving husband and father on most days, gay lover to random men on others. He is having his cake and eating it too but as expected, guilt washes over and he comes clean to his wife.

One glorious night, he takes Gabrielle to Cypress Mountain and reveals his feelings to her. “I want a divorce.” He tells her “I have been sleeping with men behind your back.” Gabrielle of course, is outraged. She doesn’t speak to Marco for days until finally she approaches him with a proposition, which he had never expected.

Gabrielle loves Marco and decides to stay with her husband, much to his astonishment. She also wants to be involved in his other life. Together, almost like excited hormonal teenagers, Marco and Gabrielle go on the prowl to search for a man for a ménage à trois, and it is not long before their search is a success. As husband and wife they share their most intimate act with another man, which in turn leads to a wondrous sexual release that eventually saves their marriage.

The Vancouver International Fringe Festival’s Bi, Hung, Fit and Married is a raw, honest, tell-all account of a bisexual man’s ailing marriage, sexual escapades and the lengths he goes to in order to rediscover love. Writer/performer Mark Cohen has delivered an entertaining one-man show as he eloquently narrates his coming-out story and his intimate experiences as a bisexual man.

The well-written monologue is funny and provocative; the graphic, intimate recounts of his gay sexual encounters and threesomes with his wife will make you feel a little uncomfortable at times and will definitely make you blush. However, the humor in Cohen’s script makes the otherwise edgy and sensitive topic lighter and adds to the overall entertainment value of the show. Tackling an issue that is so taboo requires some boldness and Cohen pulls this off quite well. His words flowed effortlessly and although he stumbled a few times, they were easily forgiven. The relatable issues in Cohen’s story also makes the play more real, especially as he had begun his show talking about the problems that married couples, straight or not usually encounter.

Performed in Studio 16, the play’s intimate surroundings, simple stage and play on light enhanced Cohen’s narration and added a little bit of drama.

Bi, Hung, Fit and Married will definitely keep you entertained for a full hour. It is shows such as this that are going to make this year’s Vancouver International Fringe Festival a roaring success.

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Gian Karla Limcangco

Gian Karla Limcangco