Calling all Gaming & Food Enthusiasts!

If you are not a video game obsessed individual yourself, you surely know someone who is.  Someone who spends hours upon hours of their spare time on their laptop/ PS 3/ Xbox 360/ Nintendo Wii – even on their phone, constantly battling their way through chapters,  levels and new worlds.

Playing games is good fun, but so is having a social life. (No readers, I am not talking about the online army of buddies you procured during the weeks you spent playing your beloved WOW.)

How on earth could one possibly combine the above and turn it into a potentially successful situation? Former Game Designer Brian Vidovic is one man who is in the process of trying to make this happen.  EXP Restaurant & Bar is a new gaming themed restaurant that Brian has just opened in downtown Vancouver today – although you don’t necessarily have to be a full on Gaming Enthusiast to enjoy the experience.

Originally, Vidovic had hoped to have various game consoles littered about his restaurant, so consumers could play as they dined.  Sadly the B.C. Liquor Control and Licensing Branch have prevented him from doing so. His proposed vision would see consumers visit the restaurant and naturally also want to play video games. This in itself would be violating the restaurants food – primary licence as the focus would not solely by on what is offered on the menu.

The only way that Vidovic would be able to see his brainchild come to life, is if he was to obtain a special license for short term outside standalone groups who might wish to use the location for an event of some description.

Brian is currently lobbying to secure an exemption, but of course only time will tell if he will be successful in his attempts. For now he is hoping that his patrons will be content to dine in this restaurant with a difference, where multiple televisions hanging on the walls flash footage from different video games and even the music is dedicated to the theme.

Visit EXP Restaurant & Bar at 309 West Pender Street and check out this one of a kind experience for yourself.

Sharon Allman

Sharon Allman

Sharon Allman enjoys writing often, frequenting rock/ metal shows and a well made cup of tea. Sharon does not enjoy missing the bus by just 10 seconds, when her tea gets cold and falling flat on her face while ice skating. Follow Sharon on twitter @sharlovesapples