shows, as well as a handful of other performances around Vancouver. She launched her own merchandise line supporting honest conversation and connection through emotional vulnerability and trust-building. She created a distinct brand for herself that revolves around nostalgia. She began using family photos in her work, sharing traumatic experiences candidly in her performances and building deep, personal relationships with her audience. As an artist, it was a defining time.

As great as 2019 was, 2020 is looking just as promising. 

“I am hoping to record another batch of songs this coming summer and release a full album by the end of 2020,” says Waring.

Waring has been working on this new album with the help of her new producer Jonathan Anderson at his studio, Protection Island.

“Jonathan Anderson performs all the instrumentation,” Waring says of the latest single, “and I perform all the vocals.”

The four singles so far have been a collaborative effort between the two.

“I come with the lyrics and melody finished,” Waring says, “and he performs most of the instrumentation with my input. With us both in the room, we work together to find the right vibe,  contribute ideas, and make sure we capture the meaning of the song.”

For the latest single, “Hard Done By,” Anderson also helped tweak the melody a bit and co-write the song’s bridge.

“I am feeling very fortunate to have found such a great working relationship with him,” Waring says. “He really cares about finding the right feeling for the song, creating a sonic world we can lose ourselves in. We seem to hear things the same way when it comes to this batch of nostalgic themed songs.”

Waring’s voice, equal parts haunting and sweet, is the perfect combination of folk and country on the new single, which comes out on Friday, January 24th.

You can see Cassidy perform live at the Biltmore on Thursday, January 30th for the Music BC “Let’s Hear It!” Showcase, where she’ll be performing with her full band.