Dirty Ghosts @ The Cobalt – April 7 – Review

The Cobalt was pulsating with music when a loud kind of ghost dropped by to unleash their high-powered tunes on this quiet long weekend holiday.

San Francisco based Dirty Ghosts have shown Vancouver how they do it down in ‘The City by the Bay’ as they performed tracks from there newly released album Metal Moon.

The grunge infested trio War Baby did a good job warming up the stage for the evening’s main act even though their likeness to great acts like Nirvana was a bit too much.

Dirty Ghosts on the other hand, rocked The Cobalt as they tore up the stage playing deftifying originals.  Having that unique, punk-rock-mixed-with-a-little-bit-of-electro, Dirty Ghosts have created music that will make your ears perk up as it calls your attention.

Vocalist/Guitarist Allyson Baker is the epitome of a rocker chick. Blessed with a deep, sultry voice, mad guitar skills and with a bit of that punk rock swagger, this ex-Torontonian is like a young Joan Jett reincarnate without even trying. Baker’s unique sound comes from her very own experimentation with drum loops and a talent for songwriting that makes Dirty Ghosts’ songs both catchy and intriguing.

Originally backed by nothing more than a drum machine and former Parchman Farm bandmate Carson Binks on bass; there sound has really opened up.

The current line-up now has Erin McDermott on bass, Ben Tuttle behind drums and Nick Andre on keyboards and percussion.

McDermott’s thick bass lines and virtuosic playing blend perfectly with Baker’s powerful guitar riffs and solos. Tuttle’s intricate drumbeats topped with the extensive use of cowbells make their music gritty yet danceable.

Metal Moon has ten tracks that will reel you in – especially if you’re looking for a fresh new sound. “Shout It In” with its electronic elements, prominent bass lines and memorable vocals is one of the band’s standout songs on the record as well as on stage.

“19 in ’71” is treading heavy as it starts with strong drumbeats that develop into catchy chorus lines that then go back into a solid yet intricate guitar solo.

“Steamboat Concord”, without a doubt is a great addition to the record with an interesting hip-hopish beat that is definitely a welcome addition.

Dirty Ghosts is a band that you should expect great things from in the near future. These talented musicians were having loads of fun doing what they do best as they entertained a bare yet supportive Cobalt audience.

Check out Dirty Ghosts new album: http://dirtyghosts.com/


Gian Karla Limcangco

Gian Karla Limcangco