Dub Fx Brings Chill Vibes to Vancouver

First and foremost, I MUST give huge respect to the crowd at the Commodore on August 25.

The crowd is always one of my biggest sources of pain when attending shows. You’d think, for example, when seeing Edward Sharpe at Lollapalooza a few years back, that you’d be in the company of fellow whimsical, breezy transients. And yet, I found myself almost crushed by overly zealous scenesters with expensive cameras and boastful conversation.

It’s that frightening mob mentality. (Dig this interview between Jimi Page and Bill Burroughs. They discuss the madness of fans gathered in front of performing artists and draw tribal, ritualistic parallels.)

Well, enter Dub Fx and that incredible crowd he drew. Everyone gave each other space to spread their arms out, to dance, and was radiating these relaxing, mellow vibes. Some shows you go see are just… shows. And some performances are real experiences, as they should be. Dub Fx was one of those.

Dub Fx (Benjamin Standford) doesn’t just sing or MC. His voice and the unique way he experiments and plays with it through pedals and gear makes it roar like it’s coming across a canyon, echoing over oceans and creating a full-bodied atmosphere of full, rich music that is specifically him in style and sound.

He entered the stage under a dark blue light and that voice shot out from the stage, engulfing a crowd that gave nothing but love, awe and respect, unlike the animalistic retardation of most drunks on Granville street.

Playing with pedals; always taking the courtesy to show everyone how he’s creating the magic of his sounds; breaking down his loops and building up walls of beats and bass and rhythm – all with his own one voice – Dub Fx had everyone grooving and nodding and grinning. He invited his lady Flower Fairy onto the stage where they did their child-at-heart jams of Mary Poppins’ “Let’s Go Fly a Kite”. Their onstage affection for each other was warm and inviting, allowing the crowd to let their own guards down, relax, get loose, and really just get excited for dope songs and catchy beats. That, and that Dub Fx’s chilling fucking voice, straight like an arrow and unleashed from deep within.

This show was something special, just like Benjamin Standford is someone very rare. To see a performance from an artist like Dub Fx is always a treasured experience, and this reviewer wishes him nothing but love and good vibes as he continues traveling around with his beautiful Flower Fairy, sharing a message, and letting their incredible voices say what they need to say.