How do you go about creating a music video in a world where people have to social distance? That’s the challenge for video directors and musicians today. As much as our new isolated way of living has put holds on almost everything, the creative community is trying to find ways to push forward. For Kevvy of Fake Shark, the answers came from director Johnny Jansen.

“My label said, ‘You need a video for this song and you can’t be in the same room as anyone, so you’re gonna have to get creative,’” says Kevvy, speaking over the phone.

The solution was to create a video from old stock horror footage, and have Kevvy film himself singing the words to the song from all different directions, so his mouth could be edited onto the horror scenes. The end result is wonderfully creative and eye-catching.

Kevvy remarked on working with Jansen: “He kinda reminds me of Tim Burton in that he sees no bounds to his creative possibilities. He is the real-life PeeWee Herman.” 

Previously, Jansen directed the video for the Fake Shark song “Wake Up” and added animations to “Something Special” which was directed by Kevvy.

As for what the future holds, Kevvy says he’s busier than ever, despite the isolation. He currently hosts the comedy-themed weekly podcast Comedy Here Often, and the music podcast Barely About Music. He has also produced the newly released single by Shirley Gnome called “High Waisted.” And, of course, be sure to check out “Superstitious Thing” below.