GAUNTLET HAIR with openers Dana Buoy – Live Review

Well, you’ve gotta hand it to Gauntlet Hair. For a band that only recently started getting attention, Gauntlet Hair’s audience has a high percentage of passionate teenage groupies: Tattooed Lolitas that have to be coaxed off the stage by security so the band can continue undisturbed.  Girls who are not shy about their fanaticism, chanting over and over again for the latest release, “Top Bunk”, much to the seeming discomfort of the trio.

Of course, no one can be sure if these are true fans or just the music industry’s latest attempt at viral marketing. After all, it wouldn’t be the first time that something like that happened.  Flash back about 50 years to images of Elvis and The Beatles and keep in mind that a lot of those screaming, crying teenage girls were paid to do exactly that. And once you have a few teenage girls jumping and screaming and crying…well, it’s the domino effect every band dreams of.

But there’s a good chance that the delirium is authentic, too. Gauntlet Hair plays with a soft power and confidence that creates a sound far bigger than they appear to the eye. Andy R’s shimmering guitar riffs swirl with the frantic beats of drummer Craig Nice to create an operatic effect, carried aloft with rippling vocals.  Together, they create melodies and sounds that offer an underlying impression that none of this will ever happen quite the same way again.

Dana Buoy opened the night with a set that featured tracks from his upcoming album. “Summer Bodies” is a collection of wistful ballads set to lighthearted synth and driving rhythms. On hand to groove to his cheery syncopations was a crowd that had a decidedly family tilt to it. In addition to the 20-something-indie-fans enjoying his show, there seemed to be “proud parent” or “supportive cousin” vibe permeating the room.

The Conclusion: Dana Buoy’s “Summer Bodies” will provide a nice gentle kick-off into the summer soundtrack. Gauntlet Hair is a band to see live, as their recordings have yet to capture the smooth richness of their sound.

Photo by: Sam Gusway