God is a Scottish Drag Queen!

Yes, you read the title correctly. God is a Scottish Drag Queen! He has chosen to present himself to us in order to clear up some misunderstandings, and fallacies regarding himself and his role as the Almighty.  Most of all, this show is a way for God to let off some steam about what humans have been doing and not doing, and how he is trying to remain calm as a result. Writer and director Mike Delamont provides clarification into a variety of topics such as the politically contentious issues of homosexuality to subjects I had never really thought about, like our inability to dance (FYI: he did not give ANY of us the ability to dance). Delamont has a way of conveying insight into these topics with more than what you would call “humour”. He embodies the character he has created with such ease that you actually start to believe his explanations for the many issues he discusses.

I actually had no idea what to expect when I walked into this show. All I really knew was that God is a Scottish Drag Queen was getting rave reviews and that Mike Delamont was a performer not to miss out on.  So it was interesting to hear the way people explained what Drag Queen was about when I was standing in line waiting to go in. I heard people describing the show as a “one-man show about God” or “a play about how God does not really exist” or *insert pretty much any other description here*. While I guess those descriptions are valid in some way, I do not feel they adequately, or correctly, describe Drag Queen. To me, it was a comedy show with a comedian who stayed in character the whole time (even when he was graciously and humbly thanking the audience for coming to see the show) and who provided humorous insight into what religion was and what it has become. It was neither a dig at the Christian faith itself nor a dig at any other religion… okay, except for perhaps Scientology and Mormonism, but those are easy targets.  It was simply a show about how God thinks things have turned out for those of us on earth and how it has impacted him.

Memorable moments for me include the following:

  • God’s opening discussion regarding how he does not like his theme song (“Hallelujah” Chorus Hymn) and would prefer something else because he did NOT choose the current one.
  • His demonstration on how to truly dance. It consisted of basic aerobics moves, hair tosses and “sexy” cat clawing. This was made far more entertaining when he brought an audience member up to join him.
  • An explanation as to why the Mayan’s deserved to die. I can’t spoil that one; it needs to be demonstrated by Delamont!
  • God’s helpful hints as to how to get into Heaven: Don’t be stupid (Mayans) or do stupid things (skydiving).
  • A candid explanation as to why the biblical tale of Noah’s Ark is malarkey.

Of course, these are only some of the highlights that this show has to offer, as there are just too many to list. God is a Scottish Drag Queen is one of those shows that will leave you laughing (often very, very loudly) throughout the whole thing and, if it doesn’t; you will definitely be smiling from ear to ear.

Unfortunately, I attended the Drag Queen’s closing show at the Fringe Festival. However, following the sold out shows and thoroughly entertained audience members,  hopefully it will return to Vancouver again soon! *Crosses Fingers*