I Love Boobies!

Photo by Fredrik Skogkvist

I love boobies! But really, who doesn’t? All the boobie lovers in town were out on Thursday night at the Caprice for the excellent reason of mad partying and fundraising. The Keep-a-Breast Foundation threw an amazing party complete with boobie cupcakes and some of Vancouver’s top female DJs. Sweden’s Rebecca & Fiona, whom I was dying to hear live, were the headliners for the night.

Before the Swedish duo took over we got to sample the spinning talents of Rhia Wellbelove, Rachel Sehl, Blondtron, Mizz Marz and Crystal Adare. They say it’s a tough road for female DJs who are playing in a male-dominated world, but each and every one of these women have stuck with it out of pure passion and dedication. Some of them, like Rachel Sehl, discovered DJing at the ripe old age of 14 and haven’t looked back. With a party in the regular side and a party in the new gorgeous L.E.D. room, it didn’t really matter what side of the Caprice you were on, you were treated to delectable dance beats.

By the time Rebecca & Fiona started layin’ it down, I was a hot mess from dancing all night, but these girls can party, so I was forced to keep moving! Rebecca Scheja and Fiona Fitzpatrick are the best DJs in the world… or so their facebook page states. I must say after seeing them live, it’s tough to disagree. The Swedes actually started a club together in Stockholm in 2008 and unimpressed with the DJs they were booking, decided to take over and do it themselves. After a year or so they started producing their own music, releasing in 2010, their first single “Luminary Ones” with hugely successful results. This spurred them on and lead to great collaborations with some of the world’s top DJs like Axwell, Tiësto, and Kaskade. Rebecca & Fiona even had their own T.V. show in Sweden that followed them around a typical day of producing and revelry. In 2011, they released their first album I Love You, Man and this year they received the Swedish Grammy in the best Electronic/Dance category.

And really, it’s no wonder – they are serious, dedicated musicians who write, produce, and provide the vocal styling for almost all their music and they just happen to be able to playfully carouse as they work. Their sets had a wonderful mix of steamy synth tracks that blend into hard, pulsing house beats. I loved Rebecca & Fiona’s music before but getting to see these girls live was a delight. Flamboyant and super-charged these girls wanna have a great party just as much as the crowd so they dance and drink and spin. Rarely putting their head down and definitely giving more than the occasional fist pump you get from most DJs, Rebecca & Fiona really know how to put on a show and the crowd at the Caprice was lovin’ every minute of it!

Constantly on tour (last year they played over 100 shows!) it might be a bit of a trick to see and hear Rebecca & Fiona live, but luckily DJs like Rhia Wellbelove and Rachel Sehl are in and around the Vancouver area often. So the next time you see one of their names in a line-up, don’t delay, strap on your dancing shoes and party the night away!