IZM Bboyizm – Review

Do you like street beats? Do you like dance battles? Do you like comedy mixed with sweat?

Then IZM is just what the doctor ordered. The routine was choreographed to not only entertain but also to provide much more laughter. The ‘street’ was definitely introduced and spread all over the dance stage for a jam-packed hour of sweat and more sweat.

Yzon Sogolo, “Crazy Smooth”, the head choreographer caught me off guard with his opening monologue. He combined the intellectual, the philosopher, and the artiste into one.

Overall the music included some funk from the 80’s, scar face dialogue and a lot of island flare. I found myself clapping to the beat and dancing in my chair on a few occasions. If only I could of jumped up and broke out into some moves of my own.

What IZM lost in depth it picked up with its high tempo and energy.  Each dancer has been chosen to perform on tour for a reason and their passion for the art is experienced with each step.

At the end of the day, you will be left with wanting to see more.

On that note….go out and experience some Canadian Talent for yourself at The Cultch.

Laugh, Dance and Bboyizm.

(This article has been modified from its original publication date – change made on April 30th, 2012 )