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Major Label Artists support Occupy Movement

In an effort to bring further awareness and support to the Occupy Wallstreet Movement, a group of highly acclaimed musicians have put together a compilation of songs on an album they have dubbed “Occupy This Album”.

Some of the artists on it include Ladytron, Third Eye Blind, Jackson Browne, Crosby and Nash,  The Guthrie Family and activist Michael  Moore to name but a few.

While I think it’s great that OWS has garnered such tremendous media attention and support, it seems to me quite hypocritical that artists signed to major labels that represent the 1% are protesting.

The whole thing is defiantly ridiculous. Yet it is representative of some of the major contradictions that have manifested in both our society as a whole and the movement itself.

How does one fight against consumerism and free market liberalization while one continues to feed into it?  It is, by nature, an absurdity of epic proportions.

Anyways, check out this link to learn more about “Occupy This Album”.

Ricardo Khayatte

Ricardo Khayatte