Meeting Oberhofer

Brad Oberhofer is having the time of his life. And when you are travelling the world, playing music, and have adorning fans all at the tender age of 21, it’s little wonder why.  They describe themselves as “guys that are playing drums and guitars and singing and dancing around”, and people are loving it. Having just wrapped up shows in Paris, Berlin, and London, he and his four band members are embarking on an aggressive North American tour, which includes an impressive stop at one of the most coveted music festivals, Coachella.

As a young guy making serious waves in the indie rock community, Oberhofer remains humble. He is taking it all in stride, staying true to his roots despite his growing notoriety. “We really just want to have a fun time. We enjoy what we’re doing, and we just want everyone else to enjoy it too.”

Oberhofer speaks of their fans and their music with pure sincerity. When talking of gifts he has received from fans, he plunges back into that deep, reflective tone that shines through his music. It’s no wonder their social media presence is gaining in numbers, with over 10,000 fans on Facebook and more than 2,000 followers on Twitter. Unlike other musicians, Brad manages these accounts himself.

Oberhofer is clearly an emotional guy, writing strictly from personal experiences rather than outside influences, and says that “people shouldn’t be affected by external environment. The only things that change are the things that you observe”. He is incredibly reflective for someone his age, which shines through songs like “HEART”, “Away From You”, and “Gotta Go”.  Though his emotional connection exceeds his years, there is a youthful naivete that reveals itself. Oberhofer exudes an excitement and passion that is palpable. A level of pure bliss that is only conveyed by someone who truly enjoys what they do, and lives solely in the moment. No cares, no worries, and nowhere to go but up.

Case in point: his last final words that he would like me to depart with you: “I hope that anyone that reads this has a really nice day”.

Oberhofer will perform at The Biltmore Hotel on April 6, 2012. Visit for tickets.