Naughty…but Nice

From ropes to ribbons, the Taboo…Naughty But Nice Sex Show had something for everyone.  Well, at least everyone that is open-minded enough to go to a sex convention in the first place.

The convention promises to provide “an upscale adult playground dedicated to enhancing lifestyles”[check], “encourage romance” [double check], “personal betterment”[not sure what that means but I’ll give it a ‘sure’], “and all things Taboo”[definitely check].

If you missed this year’s convention…what can I share without spoiling all the fun?

The event took place in the west building of the Vancouver Convention Centre.  That’s right.  Upscale for sure – right on the waterfront within the walls of the Pan Pacific Hotel.

The entrance was dark and decorated with sizeable phallic shaped light sculptures that led the way past the ticket counter into the main exhibition area (don’t worry, it wasn’t dark in there).

The main exhibition area was set up like most conventions in that it was filled with booths selling everything from lingerie, costumes (which I’m assuming were not just for Halloween), dildos, toys, and of course…bondage gear, ropes, and all sorts of other kinky accessories.

What was great about this particular convention was that while there was a lot of shopping available, that wasn’t the only focus.  In fact, if so inclined, you could spend part of the afternoon at the main stage watching the BombShell Babes strut their heavy metal (sparks-a-flyin’) while sipping cocktails and other assorted beverages.  Or, if leather and tattoos isn’t your cup of tea, tantric fitness or even burlesque fashion shows might tickle your fancy.

Two main theatres were set up closest to the entrance, which provided informative presentations on topics such as ‘dirty talk’, ‘sexy spanking’, and a discussion of ‘sex and relationships’, which was conducted by Dr. Lyne Piche, a registered psychologist that specializes in couples counseling and relationship therapy.

One of the highlights of the convention was the presenter for the bondage and rope techniques seminar, the self dubbed BossBondage.  BossBondage showed off his mad roping skills while making jokes and lightened the mood for the seated audience, newbies, and many voyeurs that walked by.

How was this year’s event compared to past events?

One of the vendors at the event stated that the 2010 Olympic games in Vancouver really threw a wrench in the diversity and success, which the Taboo Festival is now, once again seeing.  All sorts of vendors and entertainment acts are now showcased making this an exceptional presentation for the starter tabooist or the more advanced kinkster.

The only suggestion I might throw at Taboo for next year would be to make more of a connection with the local Vancouver community for this four-day convention.  In other words, maybe next year, more local venues and businesses could participate and hold events outside of the convention that parallel with their mission.  I don’t know…just a thought.

Either way, the mix of ages and people at the event proved just how accessible and mainstream the adultlifestyles industry has become in Vancouver and while, this show may not be for everyone…it is definitely an event worth experiencing.

Ricardo Khayatte

Ricardo Khayatte