Peggy Sue VS First Aid Kit: Battle of the Harmonies – Review

Peggy Sue
‘s warm and fuzzy angst warmed up the stage last Tuesday with their clever blend of minimalist psych-rock and genuinely sweet two-part harmonies.  It was a night to remember.  Katy Klaw with her clean saturated electric strums and Rosa Rex with her responsive multi-instrumental prowess drove talented and searing knives into each and every one of us, or at least that’s what I felt as I shivered with delight.

These two wondrous beauties shared the stage with Olly Joyce, the third member and percussive genius behind Peggy Sue.  His creative grooves and angular rhythms made up of jagged rim shots, side stick patterns, drizzled cymbal splashes, and the odd high-hatted pulse gave Peggy Sue’s intimate sound a harder edge that was definitely welcome.

While each and every song was authentic and memorable, it was their rendition of ‘Hit the Road Jack‘ with vocal loops and all that turned out to be the one that took the night home for them and set the stage for First Aid Kit.

First Aid Kit, which is comprised of Johanna and Klara Soderberg, filled each nook and cranny of Venue nightclub with soaring melodies and their unique brand of songwriting.  I found myself saying, “this is my favorite song…no wait, I mean this one.” Over and over again crying wolf to my friends as I listened.

Like a lovestruck teenager, each song won my heart and then wounded me deeply.

While I am known for having a deep-rooted passion and romantic soft spot for openers, it is truly hard to say that First Aid Kit was not absolutely amazing.

They even disconnected, walked away from all gizmo’s and gadgets, and sang ‘Ghost Town’, unplugged and amplificationally naked for us all.  It just kept on coming.  This was easily one of the best shows I have seen in years.

I originally fell in love with First Aid Kit’s cover of ‘Tiger Mountain Peasant Song’ and really had no idea until last year that they wrote their own songs.  Sadly, they didn’t play this one.  It would have been nice but…I guess you can’t always get what you want.

While I do love listening to First Aid Kit’s studio recordings, they are definitely much better live and in person.  The Soderberg’s voices and the beta 58 microphones they sing into just click.

I really don’t know what it is – these sisters are naturally built for the stage. First Aid Kit’s vocals stir spirits inside one that could raise the dead.  It’s ballsy and beautiful, all at once.

If you had a chance to see this show you know what I’m talking about and if you didn’t…well, just make sure you don’t miss the next one.

Ricardo Khayatte

Ricardo Khayatte