Pissed Jeans “Romanticize Me”

Figure skating! That’s what you think of when you hear the words “pissed jeans”, right? The Pennsylvania Sub Pop quartet’s video for “Romanticize Me” opens in more expected fashion with shots of an ice rink janitor running through his nightly routine: hanging up pairs of skates, picking up trash, pinning up new flyers, mopping up what could very well be remnants of pissed jeans.

But then we’re met with a festering, dead-on, determined stare: The custodian, fully suited in a bedazzled outfit, tears it up inside the empty, spotlighted arena. After an immaculate display of moves, however, we see that he isn’t just locking up the place and practicing after hours – sadly, as the video cuts back to him at the wheel of a Zamboni, his stare now preoccupied and forlorn instead of fiery and hungry, we realize he just has the heart of a hopeful. Maybe one day, young lion. Maybe one day.

Purists may disagree, but after watching Pissed Jeans’ “Romanticize Me”, I think the sport could use more synchronization to hardcore punk rock.

Leslie Ken Chu

Leslie Ken Chu