Porcelain Raft – April 17th @ Electric Owl – Music Review

The sweet electro beats of Italian-born globetrotting New Yorker Mauro Remiddo a.k.a. Porcelain Raft delighted an audience at Electric Owl Social Club last Tuesday night. Drawing in a crowd that made a weeknight feel like a weekend, Porcelain Raft delivered a great set as he combined the sound of 80’s new wave with his own unique stylings.

Hosting local and international artists, the brand spanking new Electric Owl Social Club was the best place for a night of spellbinding electronic music courtesy of Porcelain Raft and his opener In Medias Res.

Located on Main St., Electric Owl prides themselves on having a killer sound system that makes for an awesome venue for DJs, bands and any musical performance. Reasonably priced drinks, friendly bartenders and a lot of space make this venue a place worth coming back to. Also, with all the hip new bars and restaurants mushrooming in East Vancouver, Electric Owl is definitely a great addition to the list.

The evening started with In Medias Res, an indie rock band from Vancouver, which artistically creates and experiments with electronic beats. Porcelain Raft may also be stylistically compared to great bands such as New Order but Remiddo created something entirely different with his music and communicated that very clearly with his audience.

Composer/song writer/musician Mauro Remiddi has been creating music for over a decade, composing musical scores for short films and theatre. Collaborating with various musicians, Remiddi also has numerous projects under his belt. Porcelain Raft is Remiddi’s solo side project that is becoming a very successful venture. Releasing several singles and EPs and the highly recognized album Strange Weekend, Porcelain Raft’s dreamy, hypnotic music that surprisingly was created in Remiddi’s bedroom has wowed listeners from all parts of the world.

Playing songs from his full-length debut album Strange Weekend Porcelain Raft performed on stage with effortless precision bringing the psychedelic sound of his music to the ears of local listeners and fans.  Strange Weekend features ten tracks that will haunt you. Drifting In and Out has a lingering melody that will echo in your ears even after it stopped playing.

Unless You Speak From Your Heart is the album’s more infectious song with its catchy beats and vocals and yes, this track was a ‘standout’ both on stage and on the album. Put me to Sleep’s title speaks for itself – with its slow mesmerizing beats, it might just actually put you to sleep.

Heading out to Electric Owl to listen to Porcelain Raft live was pleasurably entertaining and after watching the show, you will definitely thank Remiddi for bringing his dreamy bedroom pop music to Vancouver. If you haven’t yet heard of Porcelain Raft, find his music and have a listen – you will be pleasantly surprised.

Check out Porcelain Raft : http://porcelainraft.com/

Photo by Jennifer Medina



Gian Karla Limcangco

Gian Karla Limcangco