Photo by Hannah Wyles

Chilliwack artist Ted Kim performs under the name of Dear Father and he has shared a new single called “Haunt Me.”

The song follows his At Home EP released in May which had all proceeds going to the Canadian Mental Health Association.

Mental health is a very serious subject for Ted Kim as it is something he struggles with and speaks openly about through his music.

“Haunt Me” comes from Ted’s daily struggle with himself and his worries.

“The centre of the song revolves around my discomfort and restlessness when my busy day comes to an end,” he said in a press release. “I’ve never been much of a TV watcher, video game player, or reader, so winding down in the evenings has always been tough for me.”

Ted was involved in a serious car crash a couple of years ago and, shortly after, he began suffering from sleep paralysis, which he says heavily inspired the song’s direction.

The FACTOR funded single was recorded at Cats Cove in Ontario and mixed and mastered by Rob Wilson who is also behind the gorgeous strings, piano, and mandolin featured in the song.

Ted has said that the sounds of Canadian artists such as City and Colour, Andy Shauf, and Half Moon Run helped inspire the sound, but you can also feel some Mumford & Sons likeness in the group-sung vocals.

It’s a wonderfully somber and profoundly beautiful piece that attacks the feelings in a way that the overarching sadness of it all breaches on euphoria. When a song like this can make you happy, you know you’ve found something special.

“Haunt Me” is available on all streaming platforms.