Preview: Ludovic Fouquet – The Visual Laboratory of Robert Lepage

talonSince the 1980s, Robert Lepage has been at the forefront of new media performance art. He has brought his multi-disciplinary productions to audiences around the world through Cirque du Soleil, Lorin Maazel’s stage-adaptation of 1984, and, more familiar to pop culture fans, two Peter Gabriel tours.

Yet despite Lepage’s international repertoire, there remains a perplexing absence of critical writing about his work.

Spearheading the important task of filling that gap is Ludovic Fouquet with The Visual Laboratory of Robert Lepage. Along with presenting the most thorough analysis of Lepage’s work and influence to date, The Visual Laboratory offers insight into the artists’s creative processes; in fact, “visual laboratory” refers to Lepage’s rigorously repeated experiments that he largely combines with happenstance in order to derive his final works.

However Lepage invests his creative energies – whether as an actor, playwright, director, or filmmaker – whether one watches from the theatre seats, the stage, behind the curtains, or in front of a screen, Ludovic Fouquet’s The Visual Laboratory of Robert Lepage will surely be an eye-opening read for participants in any level of the performing arts.

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Leslie Ken Chu

Leslie Ken Chu