Real Mad Decent @ Joe’s Apartment – March 31 – review

Joe’s Apartment was bustling with some of Vancouver’s very own up-and-coming talent on Saturday night. Organized by Tall Poppy Presents, the evening started with Ben Parker’s ardent melodies followed by River, a Vancouver Island band known for their hard-hitting tunes and finally; as the last of the openers took to the stage, Hollow Strangers produced their edgy yet eccentric sound for a bustling and eager crowd of Vancouverites who by this point were eager for the irresistibly catchy Real Mad Decent.

These skilled musicians took the place by storm, proving to the audience that our local music scene is alive and kicking. Real Mad Decent is one of these new talents who are creating a buzz and contributing to the growth of Vancouver’s music industry. The band’s avid followers proved their support by rocking out to their infectious melodies.

Vocalist Zac McMillan’s charisma was evident in his performance as he belted out original songs from their newly released EP. His voice, reminiscent of a ‘grunge god’, was effortless.

Backed-up by Nik Dagsvik’s funk rock guitar licks, Mitchell Santega’s strong bass lines and Marco Di Spirito’s intricate drumbeats, Real Mad Decent was fun and enjoyable.

Releasing their debut EP on March 21st, Real Mad Decent has created six tracks that showed the world what the band is all about. It is no wonder that Real Mad Decent, with that prominent 90’s sound, mixed with a bit of funk, have been able to build out such a loyal fan base.

“Fine Tuned Presentable Magic Show” has its reasons for being the crowd pleaser. The song’s catchy intro will keep you engaged as it builds up with its fast, elaborate guitar riffs complete with McMillan’s rock growls.

“Roll up” a definite grunge anthem is another stand out song in their EP that was very well received by the crowd.

I have to say Real Mad Decent kept me entertained on stage.  The band gave a dynamic performance and I definitely appreciate the nostalgia they brought to the table.

Although some people might find their sound to be a bit “done before”, I still found it appealing. Considering that these young talented guys are still developing their sound, Real Mad Decent is definitely a band to look out for in the future.

Gian Karla Limcangco

Gian Karla Limcangco