Scar Tissue – Review

Scar Tissue is a brilliant play that serves as an excellent reminder that life can be painfully beautiful – that even though losing a loved one can cause us great heartache; we must continue to move forward.

Produced by The Arts Club Theatre Company, Scar Tissue joins the list of the many shows that have captivated audiences for years. Keeping the theatre industry alive and kicking, The Arts Club Theatre Company features musical, comedies and various productions on their three stages.

Based on Canadian author, academic and former politician Michael Ignatieff’s novel, Scar Tissue is a fictional story that made its mark in the literally world. In his book, Ignatieff has skillfully woven a heartfelt story showing the vulnerability of human emotion through his characters. Narrated by the youngest and the mother’s favourite son David, the story captures the love of a son to his mother and the fear of losing her. Family relationships are one of the most important issues tackled in the story as it shows how David’s grievance and frustration with the situation affected his wife and son. David and his brother also didn’t lose just one parent; the sudden death of their father brought out other heartfelt emotions.

The Arts Club version of this story from playwright Dennis Foon successfully brought to life the images Ignatieff created in his novel. Smooth storytelling, great dialogue and unforgettable moments made this show very enjoyable. The stage production was simple but quite impressive as it made full use of the space with minimum props.

The cast delivered many meaningful and thought-provoking lines that will stick with you. Witty and humorous discussions between the characters especially between the brothers served as a comic relief and a good break from the agony and sorrow of the story. These wonderful characters discuss their beliefs and the complexities of the human mind and invite each of us to take sides on family issues.

Craig Erickson portrayed the grief-stricken son very well. His eloquent narration and good acting skills made the audience feel his character’s pain and fear. Gabrielle Rose as Mary, the mother who’s suffering from Alzheimer’s disease was another stand out performance. Rose completely embraced her character and did an amazing portrayal of a person who’s slowly descending into dementia. It was quite touching and heartbreaking. The rest of the talented cast delivered an excellent performance as well as they supported the main characters perfectly allowing the story to clearly unfold itself to the audience.

The Arts Club Theatre Company’s adaptation of Scar Tissue definitely gave justice to Ignatieff’s wondrously heartfelt novel. Watching this story on stage will make you feel all sorts of emotions as it teaches us to let go of past hurts, not to be afraid of the future and to always remember the value of the present.

Gabrielle Rose in the Arts Club Theatre Company’s production of Scar Tissue. Photo by David Cooper.

Gian Karla Limcangco

Gian Karla Limcangco