Too Many Apps in the Kitchen: How Do You Decide which is App-Worthy?

Have you ever bought one of those fancy blenders from that infomercial that seems to play on repeat?

If the answer is yes, then you know all too well the scenario that follows. All you can think about are ways to chop, blend, and puree in your wonderfully expensive and amazing new appliance. How did you manage in life without this awe-inspiring tool? The thought gives you the shivers. And as to the haters who scoff at its expense, you can proudly puff your chest out and proclaim it was completely worth the money, as you vow to use it every day for the rest of your existence. Soon you are updating your latest culinary creations to your Facebook wall at such a rapid pace that cause some unforeseen “unsubscribes” — no doubt because of jealousy over your new fantastic tool.

However, after a few weeks, like the honeymoon stage in a new relationship the romance begins to fizzle. The flaws of the gadget quickly ween out its attributes, as you realize it takes more time to set-up and clean the machine than actually cook with it. Now it takes its place in the kitchen gadget cemetery: that impossible-to-reach cupboard that other cast-off impulse purchases call home. Though you swore you could never be apart, your ex-cooking partner spends its retirement nestled between some old cans of mysterious meat and a contraption you found at the PNE last year that pits avocados.

Some mobile apps are kind of like that fancy kitchen gadget that you swore you were going to use over and over again. In the beginning, you wonder how you ever did without this amazing new program, all at the ease of your fingertips. The exhilaration and sheer enjoyment with each tap of your screen as you navigate your way through the day. A game here, a news story there–how did you ever manage through life without them? The idea of opening a browser and typing in a URL seems like a rather prehistoric thought.

If you flip through your phone, iPad, or Tablet right now, you will probably discover that you have over-downloaded and under-used.  However, there are some apps out there with serious staying power. Here are a few free apps that every Vancouverite needs:

Twitter, Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, Instagram…

For social media management, these apps should have first page priority on your mobile device. Whatever you use the most, add the app. Fast, easy, and efficient. Nothing to complain about here.

B.C. Liquor Store App

This may change your life. Bold statement? You betcha. Find out stock levels at each store, hours of operation, and contact information. Ordered a delicious bottle of cabernet sauvignon and want to know where you can find it? Just scan the barcode and it will bring up the locations that carry it, information on the winery, and price (although keep in mind that you will also see how much more you are paying in a restaurant for an $8 bottle).


You know that song you hear all the time on the radio but for some reason can never remember who sang it? Then it’s time to Shazam, my friend. This app even takes you directly to Itunes where you can download that catchy song for a couple bucks or less. Tap and tune in, what more could you ask for?

Vancouver Canucks App

So they didn’t make it passed the first round this season, but be supportive of our home team. Find schedules, photo galleries and video features from, as well as exclusive contests to fans every week.

Street Food Vancouver
Goodbye table and chairs, as food carts are now considered the trendiest way to dine on your lunch break. This app let’s you discover all of the amazing carts our city has to offer by providing a search map in your area. Plus you can receive updates daily with the latest opening hours and locations.

News Apps – CBC, Vancouver Sun, The Province…
Whatever your go-to news source is, download the app and quickly scroll through headlines. This is especially vital if you don’t have a Twitter account, since it continually updates everything from traffic to current events taking place in our city.