Vancouver Fashions Saving Grace?

Topshop & Topman opened its doors to Vancouver on Thursday of last week and fashionistas everywhere could not be happier!

This London based company has now crossed the ocean and has made its way to Canada.  At over 30, 000 SQ/FT, the Vancouver location is the largest Topshop in Canada and the second largest Topshop worldwide, next to their flagship store on Oxford Circus in London.

When I visited the store over the weekend I couldn’t help but feel overwhelmed by the amount of product that is placed in the store– it is literally a one stop shop for both men and women.  There are many divisions on the store from apparel, shoes, accessories, make up, and lingerie (for women). If that wasn’t enough, the store includes apparel for people of all shapes and sizes! Stocked with items for the petite, the tall and those with babies on the way, I would find it hard to believe that an individual would not come across as least one item they liked.

Topshop & Topman do not mask that they are from the UK, leaving the European prices on the merchandise! However, to avoid confusion for the customers, there were Canadian prices ticked on the tags as well. In terms of price point, I would say it is slightly on the higher end, comparable to Aritzia and Urban Outfitters.

There were a variety of mannequins that showcased the various trends that they had created for the season. Peplum dresses, camo printed jackets, and studded shoes were just a few of the pieces that stood out. Something else that really caught my eye was the different patterns and materials that they had for each “trend” – I saw floral, hounds tooth, lace, and, of course, fur!  The array of merchandise at first glance could give anyone an anxiety attack but if you take a step back and think about each look, I could see the rhyme and reason for why everything was placed where it was.

One of the more interesting offers I found in the store was the fact that Topshop & Topman offer Personal Shopping appointments!

This is open to those who need to update their wardrobe for the upcoming season or for those who just need help with how to dress.  Vancouver has been criticized for having poor fashion because the general populace enjoys wearing yoga pants – could Topshop be the answer to solving Vancouver’s fashion problem? Here’s hoping so!