Washed Out “All I Know” Video

In Washed Out’s video for “All I Know”, we meet Victor: a teen trying to overcome a breakup with his girlfriend Fey. At the beginning, he learns that she’s now living with an older man; she’s being fucked by an experienced man. This realization prompts a road trip with, I assume, the aim of forgetting all he knows. A journey to find something new; to forget Fey (all he knows), and move forward. To travel the path less beaten.

Produced by Urban Outfitters, the music video has great production quality and an interesting, dual camera perspective. One angle is a low resolution handycam used by Victor’s friend to capture his emotion. And the other, is a high def, outside perspective that captures the trip and relationship between Victor, his camera-wielding pal, and their shenanigans on the road.

Some may argue that Ernest Greene sold out by partnering up with a company like UO. But, in the end, nobody can argue that this video is beautifully shot and has a very interesting concept. And, oh yeah – the song is pretty awesome too.

Thomas Creery

Thomas Creery

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