Yeasayer Woos Vancouver with Live “Longevity”

photo by Caroleena Khayatte

I know I’ve been to a great show when I walk out of the venue with a new favourite song that isn’t the single on the album, and yup… Yeasayer definitely lived up to this flawless theory of mine. From electronic to pop-rock to reggae, Yeasayer has found a perfect blend of soulful grooves and fast-paced dance beats, finding it easy for any new listener or old fan to find a perfect song from their eclectic musical collection.

The Brooklyn-based band formed in 2006, and released their first album All Hour Cymbals in 2007. Chris Keating (lead vocalist), Ira Wolf Tuton (bass) and Anand Wilder (lead vocalist and guitar) are the core members of Yeasayer. By 2008, Yeasayer was touring with artists MGMT and Man Man, which undoubtedly has brought creative light into their newest album, as similar styles of both bands are evident in Yeasayer’s latest music. The band currently holds three albums, with their newest debut Fragrant World making a splash all over North America.

Although Yeasayer has been around for the last six years, I only came into contact with their psychedelic tunes about two years ago. I instantly fell in love with their single “One” from their second album Odd Blood, but never took much initiative to familiarize myself with their entire album collection. What a mistake that was! It seems perplexing that this band isn’t ridiculously famous… or maybe they are, and they just haven’t hit my radar, but either way, if there is any way to fall in love with this quirky band, the live show is definitely the number one selling point.

Yeasayer is known for their abstract beats and bold performances, and that becomes even more apparent in their music videos. The video for “Madder Red”, directed by Andreas Nilsson and starring actress Kristen Bell is certainly an oddball of a video, but if you are open to experiencing who Yeasayer are, the video is a must see!

I always find that the love-or-break moment for a band comes when I finally get to see the live show. As cheesy as it may sound, it all comes down to the engagement the band has with the audience and the amount of energy and charisma that pours from the stage. Before the show, I could say I enjoyed Yeasayar’s music, but by no means was I a diehard fan. By the time their song “Wait for the summer” played, I told myself, “ok…I am officially a Yeasayer fan.” Each song got better and better, and to top it off, Chris Keating wooed the crowd by saying that the song “Longevity” was written while traveling around Vancouver. If there is one way into new fans’ hearts, it’s by buttering us up with how much you just love the city you are playing in.

SO! If you are ready to start bopping your head, letting loose and not taking life so seriously, Yeasayer is right for you! From synthesizers to electric guitars to tambourines, there are so many elements that create the ‘Yeasayer feel’ that, c’mon, is there really anything bad to say about them?