Baobab “Magdalene Street”

The opening scene of Baobab’s “Magdalene Street” is that of a golden eagle getting some food by forcing a poor mountain goat off a cliff to its doom, which contrasts with the cheerful nature of the song, making for an interesting juxtaposition.  The video continues on with random footage cobbled together from the old documentaries you used to watch in your high school science class.  We see everything from solar flares, drawings of various single celled organisms, non Newtonian fluids, and a balloon exploding on some guy’s face in slow motion.  Needless to say, the video is as nostalgic as it is trippy, but its cerebral nature should come as no surprise as Phil Torres, the man behind Baobab, is a former philosophy/neuroscience grad and recently published author of A Crisis of Faith- Atheism, Emerging Technologies, and the Future of Humanity.