Gentleman’s Dub Club “Riot”

Gentleman’s Dub Club are a nine-piece dub band from the UK, and “Riot” is the first video from their upcoming debut album, Fourty Four, due sometime this autumn.  Shot on location in various areas in London that were meant to evoke the infamous 2011 riots, the video has a darkly cinematic style full of fire-cast shadows, with a beat built from hard-hitting industrial clanks and booming sub bass.  In the video, we get to watch the inevitable clash between a mob wearing gas masks and cops in full riot gear, but the confrontation isn’t exactly what you’d expect.  My favourite figure in all this was the sharply dressed man, complete with tie and top hat (how British!), swinging around a massive torch while wearing one of those gas masks with an attached hose, looking almost like an updated steampunk version of those plague doctors from the middle ages.