They Might Be Giants “Black Ops”

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Directed by Craig J.Clark “Black Ops” is the first single from They Might Be Giants‘ newest album Nanobots. You are advised to watch “Black Ops” in a darkened room. At first I was annoyed at being told how to watch a video. Do they not appreciate the loathsome amount of TV I have watched in my lifetime? I think I’ve got this thing down, Giants! However, from a practical standpoint, darkness makes this video a lot easier to see. From purveyors of zany pop tunes such as They Might Be Giants, this is quite the political song and video. Grainy images of bombs, soldiers and CCTV cameras fill the screen. There is no trace of the expected anger in this political song which just makes the whole experience even creepier. John Flansburgh sings in a casual, monotone voice about drones and knock-out drops. You start to feel like a weird voyeur sitting in your pitch black room enjoying a song about modern warfare. The last line is “we’re not worrying about the optics” but I can safely say this video made me a feel a little more paranoid than before I switched off the lights.