Abandoned Lighthouse








Abandoned Lighthouse


The window fogs up obscuring

the way the moon plays tricks

on the tip of each wave.

Behind you,

that creaking floorboard soaked through with salt

and the far off echo of a clanging bell.

Out there the slow approach

of a gliding rowboat.


This place casts out its lonely light

a beckoning gyration

tugging at the sleepy oars

dripping silently into the waves.


You can pull your cabled sweater close

and hide behind the darkened glass but

there’s no fighting

the draw of the signal,

the silhouetted rowers.

Where will you run

when you hear that first bootfall

on the ancient spiral stair.

Erin Poettcker spends most of her creative energy as principal of a little private school 
on the UBC campus.  Whatever’s leftover comes out in periodic binge writing,
usually poetry, but sometimes bad short stories to entertain her students.