Muffled laughter


mingles with the

pop boom

of firecrackers,

glowing and smoking

against a black felt sky.


Hot vapour

from the curling iron

twists up her nostrils,

as she moulds

her blonde hair tight and stiff-

Like an adult Shirley Temple.


She pulls her costume on-

adjusts the checkered pattern of

the fishnets,

and tries

not to blush

in her mini skirt

and low cut top.


Nervously she

sucks her peppermint to

Its razor edge,

teeters down stairs

on her brand new heels-

her face painted

for her first

Halloween party.



Jessica Millikan is a high school English and Art teacher. She has been writing since age three, and has been writing (much more successfully) with Wolf Mountain Writing Collective for almost two years.