A wave of sound washed over North America as Vancouver local, Josh Bogert released his debut EP, Perspectives on March 6th.  The energetic, Jack of all trades master of mixing, produced this EP entirely on his own. Perspectives is a true labour of love and is the result of a year’s worth of work. 

Bogert has cultivated a signature sound that is a unique blend of melodic dubstep and pop. Writing songs that give you goosebumps and bring you back to a first kiss on the dancefloor, late nights out and the feeling of eternal youth. Perspectives is a collaborative experience that tells not only Bogert’s stories but speaks the voices of many co-writing artists. This is what makes this EP so accessible and relatable, it tells stories from many different voices, from many perspectives. 

Bogert himself is a vivacious, young artist with not only a hunger for music but also just for food in general. As an avid foodie and crossfitter, food and health are a huge part of his personal life. Growing up in Surrey, BC Bogert was exposed to predominately country music and grew up playing the violin. His influences later changed to the pop-folk sounds of Ed Sheeran and now to the pop superstar himself, Justin Bieber. 

Being a singer/songwriter first and foremost, Bogert focuses on the story and then allows his instruments and synths to do the talking. Marrying the youthful energy of pop with melodic dubstep synth beats, Bogert has created a sound that reverberates deep into the soul and straight up makes you want to dance all night long. Bogert loves every part of the music process.

“From songwriting to singing to production, even to doing the graphics for my album, I love to do it all. I like to learn things myself and I think understanding how each piece works makes for a tighter, more cohesive product in the end. I’m excited to continue learning and experimenting with different sounds as I continue to write and produce,” says Bogert. 

Bogert’s new EP, Perspectives can be found on Spotify and anywhere you download music.