“Cutie and the Boxer”: Cutie Steals the Spotlight in Stunning Documentary


Accompanying  the beautiful human connection that exists between these two artists is a slew of wonderful visual stimulus, naturally. This movie profiles two painters; therefore, almost every single scene has some sort of painting, sculpture, or sketch included in the background. Ushio’s famed boxing paintings are unconventional, but stunning. His sculptures, made of cardboard, are dripping with creativity. Motorcycles completed solely from cardboard found in the streets covered in colourful paints and shapes. An alternative style of a true artist: unique from every angle. Noriko’s series, Cutie and Bullie, is an interesting narrative of her relationship with Ushio. Her panels depict scenes of negligence, alcoholism, and general strain in her relationship during the early years (when their son was a newborn). Ushio is aware of her portrayal of their relationship, yet seems unaffected, but also uninterested. She’s managed to separate herself from her past and see it solely as inspiration for the present. She uses the past as a tool for personal growth. This results in creative work that shouts authenticity — a view into Noriko’s mind.

Cutie and the Boxer is raw. It reminds us that life is a struggle, but a beautiful and rewarding one if done honestly. This film reminds viewers to pursue passions and that sometimes, in order to be truly happy, intense sacrifices need to be made. Relationships are hard, especially when they’re between two people fighting for the same thing. Yet, also brings forth the idea that, in order for a relationship to be fruitful, both members need to lead separate lives and flourish as individuals.

Cutie and the Boxer opens in Vancouver on November 1.

Thomas Creery

Thomas Creery

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