Elysium: Best Action Film of the Season?

Much like his other sci-fi film, District 9 (2009), Neil Blomkamp’s Elysium (starring Matt Damon and Jodie Foster) tackles the theme of segregation between humans in an advanced society. I wonder if they’ll ever call him a prophet in the future?

Anyway, in Elysium, Blomkamp has transformed Earth into a giant ghetto. Planet Ghetto, if you will.

Set in the year 2154, the elite, the privileged, and (most likely) the uptight humans (formerly) of Earth live on a space station in our planet’s orbit. Free from war, poverty, and illness thanks to advanced technologies and the absence of lower-class citizens. They sip on expensive champagne, sit in cancer-blasting laser booths and do rich people things: tennis, golf, adultery.

They say things like “Madam”, and “pardon me”. Most of them probably have that throaty, aristocratic laugh too. You know what I mean. Meanwhile, down below on Earth’s surface, the remaining riffraff lead a life ruled by uber strong robots. Buildings are collapsing, illness is still a concern, batons and pills are thrown at the insolent.

The film’s premise is nothing new: a traditional binary of dystopia versus utopia, heaven vs. hell. Unless, of course, bald Matt Damon has something to say about it. Rich vs. Poor. Utopia vs. Dystopia. Whatever you want to call it, I don’t expect an exceptionally stirring conversation after this film is over and the credits are rolling. I do expect some witty one-liners courtesy of Mr. Damon and a few major explosions.

Remember that this is Hollywood product. In this case, that means a whole lot of high-tech gizmos getting blown to smithereens and some super, super slow-motion special effects. As long as that mindset is established before walking into the cinema, I think this has potential to be one of the best summer (synonymous with action) films of 2013.

Elysium opens August 9th everywhere

Watch the trailer here

Thomas Creery

Thomas Creery

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