The Scary Truth & Other Poems








The Scary Truth


Every time

I hear someone say

“Halloween is my favourite holiday”

I softly stroke their back

and whisper

“Who fucked up Christmas for you?”




Werewolf in London


I don’t remember much.


It was dark and on VHS.

We didn’t want to be there.

Feeling that way.

Fighting it.

Getting too close.

Images rough and grainy.

Sound muffled.

Keep quiet.

Await the transformation.

It was not what we had hoped for.

Would  love blossom?

Not that kind of picture.

Things looking bright?

Slashed to shreds.

Left with that.

Hit the music.

Thriller to follow.


I believe that’s what it was all about.




Travis Woloshyn, when not furthering his career as a teacher, acts in various film and television productions around Vancouver. Aside from writing with Wolf Mountain, he maintains an ongoing exploration of sport as art through his pet project