Woody Allen Set to Release Newest Film: “Blue Jasmine”

In a few weeks, Woody Allen will be releasing his annual movie for our viewing pleasure. For the past half-century, Woody has been a constant pillar in the film industry (writing a film every year for the past forty years, minus one or two), albeit a shaky-voiced, introspective, neurotic pillar, but that’s why we love him! Woody’s films serve as a standard for those who enjoy a little romance, witty banter, and existential dramedy. That certain type of comedy provided only by the awkward honesty (which leads to cringe-worthy situations) of characters such as Woody Allen and Larry David.

Woody’s new film, Blue Jasmine, stars Cate Blanchett as a New York housewife going through a life crisis. The final stages of a life crisis, to be exact. So expect some crazy outbursts, possibly some rage-induced poofed hair, and a lot of spoken self-thought courtesy of Blanchett’s character (Jasmine). Other cast members include: Alec Baldwin, Peter Saarsgard, and Louis C.K.

Woody Allen’s films are good. I wouldn’t call them great. Don’t get me wrong, his body of work (quality and quantity) over the years, is truly impressive and awe-inspiring, but to call a Woody Allen film “great” would be like calling a ham sandwich “exciting”. The point I’m trying to make is that Woody’s movies are a safe choice if you want to watch some intellectual comedy, but don’t expect a brain-busting plot. You’ll walk out feeling sore in the stomach and cheeks, but not in the brain. Don’t expect to be challenged by a Woody Allen film. Expect an upgraded alternative to the contemporary brand of romantic comedies in circulation today. It’s the higher standard for those who don’t watch movies to turn their brains off, but instead wish to be engaged by truly witty comedy.

Blue Jasmine opens in Vancouver on August 2.

Thomas Creery

Thomas Creery

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