The Ocean – behind the scenes

The Ocean (aka The Ocean Collective) is an experimental post-metal sextet from Berlin who are gearing up for the late April release of their sixth album, “Pelagial”.  The video is an in-depth, behind-the-scenes look at The Ocean’s creative process in the studio and the challenges they faced, which included the near paralysis of vocalist Loic Rossetti’s voice.  Unsure of whether he would be able to sing, the band decided to make an entirely instrumental album, but as Rossetti’s health improved, they added more and more vocals, to the point where “Pelagial” will be released as a double disc with both instrumental and vocal versions.  The album’s concept is that of a journey to the bottom of the sea, and the album is meant to be listened to and played as one massive, 53 minute continuous mix, with the title referring to the ocean’s five pelagic depth zones.