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Photo by Christine Crott

Mira and Elroy

There once existed a magical body of water in a faraway kingdom, rarely visited by mankind. Schools of fish, a turtle and assorted water creatures lived happily within the pool. One summer day, a l...


The Seduction of Soup

From broth to vichychoisse, there’s something seductive about soups. The various names alone take you on a journey to different lands, tastes and traditions. There are bisques, consommés, chowders,...



                    HALLOWEEN Muffled laughter outside mingles with the pop boom of firecrackers, glowing and smoking against a black felt sky. &nb...

Photo by Robin Alasdair Frederick Hutton

Wind Walkers

                        Wind Walkers You should not have come here alone at this time of night, just dusk with the rustles of things unkn...

Published by Woodruff House in Ohion, 1901

The Long Fading Scream

Somewhere in the distance he heard a scream. He waved his hand in front of his face and only knew it was still there from the feeling of moist air sluicing through the space between his outstretche...

Photo by Robert S. Donovan

The Terminal Velocity of Jerry

Jerry had left the building, left the edge of the hotel’s roof. Looking at windows as they slowly past, he noticed that they were very clean. He could see his own reflection in them with the settin...