Photo By: Regina Ip (pigoutyvr)

During the holiday season, restaurants and cafes start to introduce holiday flavoured beverages. Eggnog is a classic festive drink in North America. This year, Colony and Charles Bar introduce two special Holiday Eggnogs for a very important cause. For every purchase of holiday eggnog throughout the month of December, $5.00 from each glass will be donated to the Greater Vancouver Food Bank, a non-profit organization dedicated to providing food and assistance to those in need.

Photo By: Regina Ip (@pigoutyvr)

This special beverage can be served with Lemon Hart Rum or George Dickel Bourbon. Each option has a distinct flavour profile. As rum is subtle, the drink highlights the creamy eggnog, with a hint of sweetness. The bourbon spikes the holiday eggnog, with a bold and smoky finish. Colony and Charles Bar also offer dairy-free options to satisfy customers cravings.

The holiday eggnog is available at all locations in the Lower Mainland (Kitsilano, Main Street, and Northwoods) until December 31, 2018.

Photo By: Regina Ip (@pigoutyvr)

In addition to the hearty eggnog, the brunch here is also noteworthy. It is served on weekends and holidays from 10:00 AM to 2:00 PM. Customers can enjoy a variety of brunch items, including the classic bacon & eggs, breakfast poutine, and chicken & waffles. Vegetarian options are also available at Colony and Charles Bar, such as the avocado toast and yam & spinach benedict.

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