Now an annual holiday tradition for many in Vancouver, the Vancouver Christmas Market provides a traditional festive atmosphere with authentic German food, drinks and handcrafted gifts.  Visitors will instantly feel as if they are right in Germany, with the stunning Christmas Pyramid proudly standing tall among the many artisan huts, the smell of crackling pork hock and the joyful chorus of Christmas music.

For those visitors really wanting to embrace the German culture, here are the top 3 meals you can enjoy at the Vancouver Christmas Market that will have you saying ‘Wie Gehts’ in no time.

Bratwurst at Freybe Brat Haus 

Photo By: Athena Huynh @athenasweets

Is there anything more traditional than a German bratwurst? While Freybe is a Canadian company, there is no doubt that they have mastered the art of sausage making. Das Brat is a traditional German-style bratwurst based on a family recipe passed down through generations.


Spätzle at

Das Spätzel Haus

Spätzel is a traditional German dish of egg noodles topped with either swiss cheese or mushroom cream sauce with pickled purple cabbage. To make this even more authentic, all the Spätzel dishes are served with Gurkensalat (German cucumber salad).

Glühwein at Das Glühwein Haus

It can get cold while visiting the market, so grabbing a cup of Glühwein is the perfect way to keep your hands and spirits warm. Glühwein is a hot drink of red wine spiced with cinnamon sticks, vanilla pods, cloves, citrus and sugar. There’s even a study saying that drinking alcohol helps you speak a foreign language better, so after a cup (or two) of the Glühwein, who knows how well you’ll be able to speak Deutsch?

So there you have it, finding your inner German at the Vancouver Christmas Market is as easy as eins, zwei, drei.

Karina Pangilinan

Karina Pangilinan

Karina is a CPA and foodie with a unicorn spirit animal. You can find her hiking on one of Vancouver’s beautiful trails, running along the seawall or teaching piano to aspiring musicians.