A new culinary experience to satisfy your cravings will be happening tomorrow at the Elbo Patties pop-up in Kitsilano.

Jamaican Dining Experience

Self-made entrepreneur, culinary master and owner of Elbo Patties, Chris Boreland, is bringing delicious Jamaican patties with a creative twist to Vancouver. “You’re getting the full experience of how I grew up and what I love. I’m bringing my culture and my identity to the forefront, and also my love for food.” Boreland says.

Make Yourself at Home

This pop-up experience is tailored towards those who want to have a good time with friends, but also to those who want to experience something unique. It will feature main courses ranging from rum barbecue spare ribs to jerk chicken patties. There are also vegan options such as a tomato salad with red onion. “You have a patty, you have a drink, and cocoa bread. The essence that I want is that when you come, you feel like you’re in my home,” Boreland said during an interview with Vancouver Weekly.

Family Affair

The love that Boreland has for patties goes way back to when he was a kid. They would be there during family reunions with his family, “my dad and uncles, all play cricket; and every Sunday we would have a family reunion, and my uncle would bring a soup. My other uncle would bring beef sandwiches, and then the kids, my cousins and I, would go to the corner store and bring patties.” Boreland says. “Patties have always been my comfort food,” he added.

The pop-up event will take place this Saturday at Storm City Coffee, located at 3403 W Broadway. Doors will open at 7:00 PM and dinner will start at 8:00 PM. The event will go all the way until midnight.

You can purchase tickets here or at the door where there will be an entrance fee of $25, for a chance to try all of the menu items that will be offered. There will also be snacks and drinks for $1 each.

Jahaziel Martinez

Jahaziel Martinez is a contributing writer at Vancouver Weekly. He likes hiking, photography, video games, and talking to people. He’s passionate about travelling and tacos.