Photo By: Regina Ip

Coffee is irresistible. It is the fuel that powers our mornings. But there is a secret ingredient behind each perfect cup of coffee – Chemistry. Noire Cafe, a hidden gem located in President Plaza, Richmond, is a chemistry-themed cafe, where the owner highlights the chemical reaction in every cup of coffee. Customers can browse the cafe while waiting for their order, and learn about how chemistry happens through coffee’s aroma and taste.

Noire Cafe Interior Equipment
Photo By: Regina Ip (@pigoutyvr)

The cafe has a minimalist interior. The archaic red brick wall and the black tables add a nostalgic, yet cozy vibe. As a hidden gem in this small plaza, it is also a chic and quiet place to spend time with friends.

The owner, Jacky, serves each customer a photogenic coffee, with passion and love. Every cup of mocha comes with a hand-drawn bear latte art, while the signature Noire Latte has a happy face on it.

Noire Cafe Latte Art
Photo By: Regina Ip (@pigoutyvr)

The exceptional service and care from the owner are like endorphins that brighten the customer’s day.

Furthermore, the quality of the beverages far exceeds the norm. The signature Noire Latte is smooth and silky. A hint of sweet and nutty flavour is apparent throughout the drink and the customer has the choice of either hazelnut or caramel. The bitterness from the Arabica blend espresso balances out the overall flavour.

At Noire Cafe, customers can also enjoy a unique experience with siphon coffee, a specialty coffee brewed with a theatrical technique that is rarely performed in Vancouver. With the aid of a vacuum coffee maker and vapour pressure, a cup of aromatic and rich coffee is produced. Open until 6:00 PM, this petite and hidden cafe is the perfect place to study or spend time with friends.

Regina Ip

Regina is not a professional food critic, nor does she have a culinary or photography background. Simply said, she is a food enthusiast who loves to try different foods. You may often find her in dessert parlors, sipping on coffee and munching on cakes. Follow Regina on Instagram at @pigoutyvr