The old adage—the more the merrier is as pertinent as ever as the holiday season comes around. Tasty tapas is surely the best way to try a variety of dishes and ideal for sharing with close friends. It might be surprising to some that Vancouver offers and an impressive variety of sharing plates.

 From Japanese fusion to modern Mexican fare, the following tapas spots are sure to satisfy.

Kingyo Izakawa

Kingyo Izakaya is a West End staple. They offer an assortment of tapas style Japanese fusion food in a cheerful, bordering on a chaotic, atmosphere. The roundtable style seating is reminiscent of a family dinner with close proximity to other diners. Standard fares such as fresh sashimi and the deep fried Ebi Mayo are certainly favourites.  Hot Stone Kobe Beef cooked right on the table makes for a fun experience. The Frozen Green Tea Crème Brulee is also a must try for those with a sweet tooth.


Fayuca Oxtail Fideo
Photo By: Lya Wiwanto (@livelovelya)

Fayuca’s name means ‘contraband’ in Spanish. Fitting as their food aims to smuggle flavours across borders. Stepping into Fayuca does feel like entering a groovy amalgamation of Pacific Northwestern Mexican. The Terracotta tiles and rattan chairs, are perfectly contrasted with the turquoise bar. A bar that serves up one of the best Micheladas in town. Fayuca’s menu is constantly changing but the Oxtail Fideo, a thin and almost vermicelli-like pasta, served with an amazingly rich sauce, is a standout item.


Cuchillo Tacos
Photo By: Lya Wiwanto (@livelovelya)

Cuchillo serves up modern Pan-Latin offerings with creative cocktail creations in a space that certainly does not lack a ‘wow factor.’ This industrial chic restaurant is nestled under a neon purple skull and has the most gorgeous foyer. The interior wall is boldly decorated with posters of Mexican wrestlers. The warm ambience calls for a smoky Mezcal Margherita that makes for a unique accompaniment to the fresh ceviche. Cuchillo also offers excellent tacos. The Szechuan Peppercorn Rockfish taco, my personal favourite, provides a great punch of flavour and a perfect textural contrast.

Lya Wiwanto

Lya Wiwanto

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