There is a sweet tooth in all of us and Vancouver has some of the most unique desserts in the country. These dessert designs range from cheeky to the avant-garde. We have compiled a list to give you some ideas for your next sugar rush. Try these 5 crazy desserts you can find all around the city.

Decked Out Milkshakes at Off the Grid Waffles

Photo By: @offthegridwaffle – Instagram

Premium milkshakes usually come with just cherry on top. At Off the Grid Waffles, you can let your imagination run wild. Toppings include Ferrero Rocher, gummy candies, and of course, waffles! The best part is that you can sip on these while playing an intense session of Jenga, as the cafe also provides a variety of games.

Cheeky Ice Cream at PERVERTED Ice Cream

Photo by: PERVERTED – Facebook

The names of the cones say it all. With the distinctive black cones, you can find a few things on the menu that raise eyebrows and pique curiosity. Try the Caramel Sutra or Spank U?

Mountainous Slush at The One Restaurant

Photo By: @tourism_burnaby – Instagram

It sucks to finish your drink before you finish your meal. If you order a slush at The One Restaurant, you’ll never face that problem. They pile your drink up so high your neck may get sore if you stare at the top of your drink for too long. Never worry about finishing your drink too early when you’re here.

Bubble Tea Hot Pot at Avery Cafe Restaurant

Photo By: @guozray – Instagram

Piles of boba, mochi, and grass jelly, pour in the milk tea and light it up. It’s time to experience bubble tea in a whole new way. Hot pot is for sharing, so bring your friends and family to share this unique experience.

Puppy Ice Cream at Sweethoney Desserts

Photo By: @vancityfoodies – Instagram

You’ve seen these shocking videos all over social media and now you’ll get to experience cutting into one of these realistic, puppy resembling, ice cream. Shock factor aside, there is much to be said about the detailing that went into the dessert’s creation. Just make sure your furry friends are not watching you while you’re eating it.

Jeanne Chen

Jeanne Chen

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