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There is a new interactive art event in Vancouver that will entice cocktail and art enthusiasts. Art x Craft is an intimate and collaborative series where local artists showcase their trades alongside craft breweries. The latest edition highlighted Storm Brewingwho are known as the pioneers in craft brewing, and Odd Society Spirits.

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On November 21st & 22nd, 2019 Art x Craft blessed the brand new event space at Dayton Boots on Hastings. Renowned Japanese tattoo artists performed live traditional techniques for the people who washed it down with some craft beers and spirits.

Storm Brewing

The first evening of the event featured the work of Pacific Tattoo Co.’s HorinaoStorm Brewing’s Mike Croizer and James Walton guided craft beer enthusiasts through the process of creating their own perfect beer. The brewers showcased the “Precipitation Pilsner” and their fermented tinctures that included Thai Chilli, Lavender, Electric Flower, Juniper, Echinacea, Fennel, Coriander, Lime, Orange, and Wormwood.

I have to admit, I am not the biggest beer person. My first introduction into beer was my mom handing me one at a family reunion. I promptly asked for a rye and coke instead. That being said, I fully enjoyed the Juniper and Lime tinctured beer. It tasted like a hoppy Gin and Tonic.

Storm Brewing’s beers are all wheat-free and James emphasized the use of environmentally friendly packaging. The brewery just celebrated its 25th anniversary this year and they are more than worth the visit.

storm brewing
Photo from Art x Craft Facebook

Odd Spirit Society 

The second night featured Pacific Tattoo Co.’s Horishun and the alcohol of Odd Spirit Society. The evening highlighted their rye whiskey, “Prospector”, and their unaged rye titled “Mongrel”.

The taste of the Prospector was delightfully sweet and slightly wooded. They described it as having a more natural flavour compared to other rye whiskeys. The Mongrel had a strong, pleasant and smokey licorice flavour. Both were smooth and the perfect introduction to rye.

The Odd Spirit Society has all of their Whiskeys available in small mickies for this holiday season. These are the perfect gift for the booze enthusiasts in your life.

Words from the Show Organizers

When we sat down with show organizers, Daniel Simpson and Tom Batty, they shared their stories with us and explained why they created Art x Craft. You could really feel the passion and pure joy of their collaboration, just from how they spoke. Daniel was the founding member of Art x Craft, and Tom came aboard shortly after.  Together they created this unique and insightful marriage between different tradecrafts.

Daniel stated that his ultimate goal for Art x Craft is to build a community of artists to collaborate and display their work. Tom’s seven years in the brewing and bartending industry made him the perfect addition to the company as he has helped create a platform for members of the local craft industry to get involved in the art space. 

The duo is constantly looking to work with artists in different genres to expand the event’s creative dimensions. Daniel recently connected with an animal trapper, who utilizes every part of the animal and makes art using its bones.

The two evenings were eye-opening. You learn a lot as they go in-depth into seldom explored trades. This is the true meaning of art. The future is bright for the event series as it looks to push art forward with great tasting craft beers.

Marissa Charles

Marissa Charles

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