Secret Garden Tea House has a new location in Kerrisdale. It is just a few minutes away from the original location with more space and an updated interior. Apart from the table seating, there is a retail area, where they sell house-made pastries, tea leaves, and other tea-centric merchandise.

Secret Tea House
Photo by: Regina Ip

Holiday High Tea

During the month of December, Secret Garden Tea Company is featuring its annual holiday high tea set.

Secret Garden Tea House
Photo By: Regina Ip

The Holiday High Tea set focuses more on sweet treats rather than savory items. Each treat has some festive element to it such as the petit gingerbread scone, and the double chocolate gingerbread truffle.

The holiday high tea set is only available until the end of this December. Be sure to try it while you still can.

“Plen-Tea” of Options

Secret Garden Tea House has items for all dietary needs. Their afternoon tea sets have gluten-free and vegan options. There is even caffeine-free tea and tea-infused alcoholic beverages available. 

Upon reviewing the tea menu, you will notice that they offer more black tea options than green or fruit teas.  The classic “Creamy Earl Grey” is the signature tea offered at Secret Garden Tea House.

Secret Garden Tea House
Photo By: Regina Ip

High Tea for All Lifestyles

The tea house can accommodate the younger generation with miniature chairs and tables. Children can entertain themselves and read books while you enjoy your tea time. 

If you are in a rush or would like to host an afternoon tea party at home, they also offer a takeout option.

There is no excuse this holiday season for you not to enjoy some tea at the new Secret Garden Tea House location.

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